Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coming soon... Royal Floria 2016

Royal Floria 2016 is coming up, running from 27th May to 4th June 2016 with the theme “Magical World of FLORIA”, and featuring the Chrysanthemum as the theme flower. We went to see how a friend was setting up the exhibit and had a chance to see how they set things up.
Chrysanthemums - theme flower for this year's Floria
Main walkway with 'kites'
Quirky garden themes on one of the exhibit
Painting the Gingerbread House
Adding touches to the display inside the Floral Pavilion
Lights and twilight.

This year, the Magic of the Night returns to the site of Floria (ie no longer at Marina Putrajaya), which will make it easier for people to see it. The dancers were busy practicing their moves for the event in the evening.
Magic of the Night at Floria... Yippy
Istana Budaya dancers getting their moves right for Magic of the Night.

We manage to see work done on the Candy Courtyard, which is one of the large exhibits in Floria. The work done on the display is amazing.
View of the Candy Courtyard.
Love the train covered in Chrysanthemums.
Pink elephant at the Candy Courtyard

Another new thing for this year's Floria is the bonsai exhibition and competition by the Malaysian Bonsai and Suiseki Society. Many lovely specimens of bonsai will be on display at the Malaysia-China Friendship Pavillion.
Bonsai exhibition and competition
It ain't heavy, it is a bonsai...
Lovely bonsai are on display

So make a date to go to Royal Floria this school holiday season. There are many things for every member of the family. 
Jom.... Penang state pavilion being set up.
Working hard to get the flowers in inside the Floral Pavilion.
Sunset over the bridge at Floria... but work still in progress
More work in progress...
And even more work in progress to bring you Royal Floria 2016...



  1. Thanks for the sneak preview.
    I think my children will enjoy the wonderland kind of feel with some of the displays.
    I forsee those ladybird will be a joyful sitting for the kids.

    1. Most welcomed. I am sure they will love the ladybirds and the gingerbread house. Btw, ada petting zoo with cute bunnies at one end of Floria