Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ready, Get Set...for Kew Ong Yeah

The usually quiet Ampang New Village (save for the daily flurry of kids being ferried to and from school) is slowly being transformed into a hive of activity for the coming Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2012. The altars and deity get a makeover or paint over and the grounds are being prepped for the festival’s eve which falls on the 14th of October this year.
Nine beautifully detailed dragon joss-sticks for the Nine Emperor Gods.
View of the Ampang Kew Ong Yeah Temple. The large zinc roofed extension is erected for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival to accommodate the prayer session and the large volume of incense and candles offered during the celebration.

Work on the various zinc-roofed shed has started since 7th October, with some of the sheds that will serve as stalls for praying paraphernalia and sheds for the large dragon joss-sticks were done by the next day.
Putting on new fluorescent lights  - there are workmen everywhere. In this picture, you can work out some of the flags used in this festival being aired under the structure.
The shed for the joss-stick stall. This was is stocked and ready to go. The sign says large joss-sticks, dragon joss-sticks and coiled incense for sale; purchase is inclusive of lighting and placing the joss-sticks at the joss-stick stands in front of the temple.
Workmen working on zinc roofed sheds - and they do work fast.

Next to get prepped up for the big day was the lantern pole, the ‘magic wand’ of the celebration, so to speak. The pole is used to hoist up the nine oil lanterns that is a must for this celebration, as a means to inform heaven and earth that the nine emperor gods are being hosted in the temple.
Giving the lantern pole a good undercoat before putting on the red paint.
Like the Energizer Bunny, this painting job goes on and on and on...
Phew, finally reached the end of the pole. Perhaps what he needs to do is to coerce entice a few friends into helping him paint the pole whilst he relaxes in the shade (think of Huckleberry Finn and whitewashing the fence).

This pole was given a new undercoat on the 9th of October and then a shiny new coat of red paint. The painter did a fine job in the hot sun and the pole ended up being shinier than a brand new fire engine.
Wahh! Looking brand new and super shiny. You can never go wrong with red, especially bright, cherry red.

Besides the pole, workers were busy putting up the flags along the roads leading to the Ampang Nan Tian Gong Temple. The flags were being transported on a lorry to the designated location where the workers would put the flags up.
More make-shift sheds are coming up. Also up were the nine dragon flags that indicate a Nine Emperor Gods Festival will be held in the vicinity.

Also up and in place within the compound of the temple were some spectacular dragon joss-sticks for the Nine Emperor Gods. The dragons on these joss-sticks were very detailed and almost life-like; sad to think that in a few days time, this work of art will all be burnt down to ashes. Ah well, all that adds to the festive mood of the festival.

When I returned from work later in the evening on the 10th, the stalls beside the Ampang Old Folks Home were already up – they do work fast. Whether your intentions of coming here is to sample various hawker food, or for the carnival-like atmosphere or perhaps for some much needed divine intervention, the place is definitely gearing up to provide a warm welcome for all of its visitors.

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