Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 7 of Ampang Nine Emperor Gods Festival

One word to describe the situation at Ampang Nine Emperor Gods' temple grounds - PEOPLE! The crowd was unbelievable as night falls, probably people taking advantage of the weekend night. The temple was jam-packed with people and we ended up on the opera house.
The star and the light bulb. Both have seen some years in them, one yellowed and dim, the other wrinkled and worn out.
Waiting for my turn - an opera actor (or is it an actress) waiting for the cue to come on stage.
What's up there?? - a little girl distracted by a phone photographer whilst watching the Amoy opera at Ampang Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

There were loads of photographers there as well as people watching the opera, both young and old. Even though I could only grasp a bit of what is going on, and wasn't impressed with the show nor the story-line, the audience looked enraptured by the performers.