Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2015 - The Preparation @ Ampang

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is just around the corner, and many temples are no doubt, in the process of getting ready for the festival that starts on October 13th this year. At Ampang, the temple staff were busy cleaning up and getting things up and ready for the festival. So whilst there were many old things that were being spruced up, there is something new too at the temple for this year's celebration.... a new altar table!

The new altar weighs 4 tonnes in total, and is made from a base platform, two side blocks, two panels and a table top, all stone/granite. It was fun as well as many moments filled with trepidation as forklift, straps and manpower were used to assemble the altar table and getting all the parts aligned.
More... more... more..  Placing the table top of the new altar.
All done... were they discussing what 4D (lottery number) to buy???
The new altar... it ain't heavy, it is 4 tonnes!!!

Of course we cannot forget things that are old, and things that most of the devotees and visitors are familiar with at the temple like these photos below.
Divination blocks all stung up with new yellow string
Dragon pillar and light from the airwell.
Kids waiting for their ride home under the pagoda tower.
Here's something err.... 'old'... Cheryl Hoffmann all ready for photo action at the temple.
Kids having a little fun with joss-sticks that were hung up for sale.
The old signs used to direct vehicular traffic leaving the temple.