Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2012 @ Ampang - Day 3

The sun gave a brilliant show of force on the morning of the third day of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival here in Ampang. Not at all surprising after several bouts of heavy rain before, during and after the procession yesterday. Smoke from the chimney and the refuse stack indicate that the staff have been busy cooking as well as clearing all the joss-sticks and candles that were offered the night before.
I hope Santa doesn't try to slide down this chimney, he will land in a pot of boiling water, surrounded by ladies armed with cleavers and knives. The chimney smoke is an indication that the kitchen is busy preparing food for the devotees that board at the temple.

After the first two days of the festival, I was was expecting a drop in the number of visitors to Ampang Nan Tian Gong as there are no more grand processions with floats and dragon dances for this year. Au contraire, the crowd was larger on the third day of the festival (17th October 2012). Perhaps more are here to see what this festival is all about as the word spreads across town and through the internet.
Light and hope - A young girl praying...perhaps asking the gods to bless her so that she will get all As in her exams. When she grows up, she will probably pray for a hot bf and 42DD. When she is ready to marry, it will probably be a for a husband with 5Cs. Then for a healthy child....then she will probably be praying for her kids' success. As she grows old and mature, she will probably pray that the stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles will go away just go get nipped and tucked plus a set of botox injections.

Speaking of processions, there is still a send-off procession, but over here at Ampang it is a very toned down affair, unlike in Penang (take a look at Cheryl Hoffmann's photos of last year's Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Penang). This is understandable since the send-off here in Ampang occurs around 3am in the morning on the 10th day.
Colourful hand-held Chinese lucky windmills and Halloween balloons - a kaleidoscope of colours and culture.

Back to the post topic of the day, I think the reason for the number of visitors pouring to Ampang’s Nine Emperor Gods Festival is due to the fact that visitors get to do 3S.  No, this 3Ses has nothing do do with the Japanese 5S methodology or someone’s derriere...The three Ses that I like to think draws visitors to Ampang Nan Tian Gong are :
  1. See
  2. Smell
  3. Savour

For the third day, I would start with the first ass S, which is See (Sight) - Simply put, this is a festival that is very visually stimulating. The flickering candle and oil lamps, colourful cakes and buns, all sorts of amulets and talismans, knick-knacks, flip-flops, handheld windmills that come in various shapes and sizes, fruits and flowers, different praying paraphernalia, cute chicks and handsome hotties, queens and divas prancing around the temple with their Pradas plus different kinds of candies in bright and almost toxic colours.
Sexy lady oogling at a hunky hottie not visible in this picture. Guy in brick-red shirt drooling at the sexy lady's derriere. Oh wait, the hunky hottie is her brother and he is just coughing from all the smoke. Me bad... Besides going there for prayers, you can have a fair share of eye-candy at the Ampang Nan Tian Gong Temple.
Hello Kitty in a rather 'exposed' position...No peeping guys. Move along, nothing to see.
Is it just me or are the hairbands psychedelic and appears to be spinning?? Hmm, must be from excessive smoke inhalation. Or maybe there's more to just sandalwood in the incense burner by the Five Generals' altar.

You can also watch tattoo artist giving his artistic touch on someone body, tattered beggars and well-dressed fortune tellers , hair care products to wash away the smoky smell, bong and torch lighters if the smoke from the incense does not make you high enough and Amoy opera actors twirling all about on the stage flooded with harsh lighting.
Hair conditioner anyone? Or hair iron??
Fancy torch lighters and that thing that begins with b and ends in ng but is not bang, beng, bing or know, a vase for some plant.
From DVDs to cute little lights, there are many things available at the festival site.

The list is endless, and it will be futile for me to even attempt to show photos of the above. So come and have a look yourself, and I am sure you will not be disappointed. In fact bus loads of tourist actually come around 11pm – 1am, so it is never too late to drop by over here.

PS - been having issues with photo uploads on the previous post so I am a bit behind schedule.

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