Friday, September 6, 2013

Tadaa!..Naked Lady on the Balcony

So the Lycoris sanguinea finally bloomed…The orange flowers are an attractive, almost glowing colour, especially when hit by sunlight, which the photos does no justice to.
Naked lady does a 'striptease' act. The flower stalk didn't grow any taller than 4 inches, probably due to the 'unreadiness' of the bulb to bloom.

The stamens actually popped through the petals as they were opening. It looks like a cheeky teasing act, extending its sexy limbs and waving it on.
The stamens pop out first before the tepals full open. It is as if the 'lady' decides to stick her legs out first.
Love the intense orange colour of L. sanguinea. They seem to lose that ruddy blood-red colour that the buds were as they bloom.

The anthers seemed to shed a lot of pollen. Hopefully the flowers do not pollinate themselves and then wilt.
There was pollen on the petals as the stamens matured. Seems to be a copious pollen producer.

The other two Lycoris bulbs have also done the same, i.e. put out flower stalk, with Lycoris ‘Fawn’ showing a more robust stalk than L. radiata that seems to be struggling with the flower stalk. This is quite unexpected as most people say they tend to sulk after being transplanted.

Looking forward to the bulbs multiplying so that there can be a mass display of flowers in the future, as this would be spectacular for this naked lady. Can't wait to hear from Diana (KBB) when she plant hers, as with the number of bulbs, the flower display she gets would be spectacular.