Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jux for Photos

Have you tried Jux? It is a cool platform for showcasing your photos. With the clean background and fullsize view of the image, you get to really pimp your shots.

Even though it might be a little 'crimped' as a blogging platform, it is huge when it come to handling photos and making slideshows. Best part is you can embed the slideshow into your blog post.

Here is an example of slideshows I have created. This from one that is called Penangiana.
Click here to see my Jux site in a new tab.

And here is another one that I intend to use for pictures from everywhere (Mea Imaginibus)

Click here to see this Jux site in a new tab.

Cool right? After viewing that slideshow, you can go through the entire site via the go back or forward arrows. To keep the slideshow from bringing visitors to your Jux site, and leaving your blogging platform, embed the code from "iframe src="... to /iframe.

Try it at