Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali 2011

Happy Deepavali - one of the many fireworks that were going off around the area.

A Happy and Joyous Deepavali to all my readers. When I got back home late last night, fireworks were going off left, right and centre throughout the area. Obviously everyone was really in the festive mood as it is Deepavali today. The fireworks went on intermittently till past midnight and it left a lingering smoky veil in the air.

In the past two weeks, many shopping malls were already decked with decorations associated with Deepavali. I was at Sunway Pyramid last weekend, looking for some computer and audio stuff. Since parking at the mall side has always been a frustrating experience, I opted to park at the Sunway Resort Hotel car park (charges are all the same). You have to go through the hotel lobby to get to the shopping mall, and passing through the lobby, I noticed that the hotel had a beautiful Kolam on display (but not in the traditional sense).
A beautiful Kolam depicting two peacocks. Hmm, did they realise that they've depicted two peacocks in union?!!

Even Sunway Pyramid Mall had a Deepavali themed deco, with voluptuous Indian styled statues (would have been very desirable, had the designer not wielded his artistic license and mutilated her arms). I was half expecting the statues to suddenly come alive and start gyrating its hips and then jumping behind the pillars like in a Bollywood movie. The statues were placed standing in the middle of a Kolam made with flowers. Visitors to the mall were having a field day taking photos, and here are a few shots that I've taken.
I'm sexy and I know it!
Flower...flower...Chrysanthemums lah!
More flowers to usher in the Festival of Lights.
Another voluptuous figure surrounded by exquisite blooms of all sorts. The lotus buds were already wilted, probably due to the air-conditioning.