Saturday, November 24, 2012

MAHA 2012 - Expectations and Exhibitions

Here's a short article for MAHA 2012. Yesterday, I spent 4 hours there but only managed to visit a few of the exhibition sites, namely the farm animal site, the main exhibition halls and the associated bazaar, plus the floriculture bazaar. I have not stepped into the pineapple farm area, the paddy area, the birdnest/swift site, the floriculture park, the mini fun fair park (with water activities), the state pavillions, the stage area, the fisheries area, the state food section and God knows what else is there. The very first shortcoming is the lack of clear site info on the expo ground. So do your homework before you leave for MAHA 2012 at MAEPS.
Tolumnia Golden Sunset (formerly Oncidium Golden Sunset) unknown cultivar. This is one of the orchids in the competition display at the exhibition hall. Tolumnia Golden Sunset is a highly variable grex, with colours ranging from pink with magenta spots to clean yellow.

The next thing you must remember is which entry point you came into the expo: Site 1 or Site 2. You will be given a parking card (parking fees is RM3 per entry), which states which area you parked in. Make sure you bring that along. If the number starts with 1, you entered through Site 1 (Arrival Area 1), if it is 2, then Site 2. Site 1 is closer to the main halls and floriculture area. Site 2 enters directly into the animal husbandry area. These two sites are connected by trams (need to do multiple changes to cover all sites) or by bus, which sort of skirts the entire loop of all the exhibition sites. Hence the bus may take a while to come by.
Rhyncholaeliocattleya (syn. Brassolaeliocattleya) Haadyai Delight. A beautiful yellow-orange concolour orchid with a very sunny disposition.

When you need to get back to your parking area, do ask the volunteers dressed in green polo shirts. And make sure that they tell you where to get off, and what tram to change to. While trying to get back, I was told to take the tram from Site 1 entry  to the pavillion, and transit. I got on to the next train, and was told to get on another tram. On this tram, I took a leisure ride round the loop as I was not told that I need to change to another train, i.e. at the paddy area to tram D (yes, there are 4 routes for the tram, the fifth route being the bus route) to get to Site 2 entry point. So round-and-round I went (makan angin tengok pemandangan), with a few others who were in the same boat, er...tram. Mind you it was late and I was tired.

So there are a few things that I want to sum up about MAHA 2012. Since the word MAHA also means great or supreme in Bahasa Malaysia, I have come up with a MAHA list. For me the expo was...
  1. MAHA Besar (huge) - so many sites and so many things to see.
  2. MAHA Bazaar (like a huge bazaar) - many stalls selling all sorts. Very much like an oversized pasar malam (night market). I think it can go into the Book of Records as the biggest night market.
  3. MAHA Belanja (spend big) - you can buy lots of stuff, be it food, plants, machinery, animals etc. So keep an eye on the cash flow. Luckily I went with only RM20 in my pocket.
  4. MAHA Memakan masa (takes up a lot of time) - Too many things to see and a large ground to cover. 4 hrs that I spent there I have only scratched the surface.
  5. MAHA Pening (Great confusion) - Very poor onsite indicators and signs. Which is why it also takes a lot of time to get to where you want to go to.
  6. MAHA Membuka mata (A great eye opener) - You can see how to milk a cow or buffalo and realised how difficult it is to do it manually. Also all the strange plants, weird breeds of poultry and goats, different kinds of fruits and processed foods.
  7. MAHA Kecewa (Great disappointment) - The exhibition halls are pathetic, except for the Government and GLCs hall. The international hall is quite empty with a bizarre array of exhibits (P. Ramlee pun ada) and the local halls are more like pasar tani crossed with a supermarket.
  8. MAHA Becak (Really muddy) - The grounds gets muddy with rain, and they have to put 'walkboards' (read planks) for people to cross the bazaar area or exhibits. The toilets are wetter still and muddy with all the mud tracked in by peoples shoes.
Understandingly they are still improving on the Expo, as it has only been held on this site (MAEPS) for 4 times (since 2006, if I am not mistaken). Lastly, here are some photos. Most of it are dark as I arrived there in the evening.
Lembu di MAHA 2012
A Brahman cow. Apparently she is expensive. I didn't ask exactly how much (why in the world would I be interested in buying a cow?).
Gobble, gobble, gobble...Saved from Thanksgiving, perhaps not from Christmas. They must sense that I had a Christmas turkey with stuffing on my mind when I took this shot as they were running around trying to get away from my camera!
A camera-shy Silver Sebright Bantam (Ayam Serama Silver Sebright). He kept on turning the other way...perhaps he only wants to be shot by professional photographers.
Anggerik sepatu
Paphiopedilum dayanum (right) and Paphiopedilum barbatum (left) according to their labels.
The label reads Vanda Dr Anek x Suksamran Gold - I believe it should be properly labeled as Vanda Doctor Anek x Ascocenda Suksamran Gold. This cross is registered as Ascocenda Chantra in 2008 by Api Orchids.
Phal Permata Rosmah Mansor, Orkid Kak Ros
This intensely magenta-shocking pink Phalaenopsis was labeled as Phal. Tan Lee Moy x Taiping Ruby. A check with RHS Orchid registry indicates that a reciprocal cross has been registered...and guess what is the name of the reciprocal cross - Phalaenopsis Permata Rosmah Mansor! Patutlah kalernya menarik semacam je. In orchids, reciprocal crosses are considered the same, and hence carry the same registered grex name. The reciprocal cross, sempena Kak Ros kita, yang lagi garang warnanya berbanding yang ini telah didaftarkan oleh R.Ang Chee Soong pada 2010.
The tag says Vanda limbata. Most Vanda limbata floating around on the market are hybrids.
Buah Cerapu
The Agricultural Department also have an exhibit on rare local fruits. Pictured here is Cerapu (Garcinia prainiana). If you think it looks like a mangosteen or Asam Gelugor then you are not mistaken. They are all related i.e. from the genus Garcinia. If you haven't seen buah engkala, dabai or kelubi before, please visit this exhibit.
Jambu ungu, Purple guava
One of the 'strange' trees on sale at the floriculture bazaar - Purple Guava. So move aside the white guave, and push the pink guava off the stage. Here comes purple guava!
At the Agri Bazaar, you can sample processed food by local companies to your hearts content. A lot of them seems to be selling kuih lapis Sarawak. Why ah?

Pesanan khas dari tuan punya blog: Saya sudah MAHA, anda bagaimana??

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MAHA 2012 is Coming

The biennial Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism International Show, better known as MAHA is back for 2012. It will be held from the 23rd of November until the 2nd of December 2012. The venue remains the same, i.e. the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), Selangor. You can go to their website and download or view the showground map as well other details pertaining to the exhibition.
Showground map for MAHA 2012 - from

If I am not mistaken, the opening hours are usually from 10am - 10pm, with longer hours for the weekend. Do drop by and have a look if you have the time. The last MAHA that I went to, I looked like a mobile jungle (think of Mrs. Bucket's Outdoors Indoors Luxury Barbecue and Finger Buffet episode) when I left the show site, so be warned!

UPDATE: Click here to see some photos and info in my next post about MAHA 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Magic Pearls from Mother Nature

I wanted to go out and get a few things done, but Mother Nature decides to be a biatch and took the Sun away with her veil of dark clouds that soon poured over KL. When it appears that a perfect, sunny Saturday is ruined beyond redemption, I saw this on my Kai Lan leaves on the balcony...
Mother Nature's magic pearls - luscious black, gleaming white or crystal clear, you take your pick. But enjoy it soon, for it will be gone in a minute.

Lo and behold, Mother Nature had given me her magic pearls! Gleaming in the light, I was delighted to see her exquisite gift. Oh how beautiful they were. Magical they were, for the pearls appear to be change from crystal clear to luscious black and back again.
Beautiful but ephemeral - droplets of water on the leaves of my Kai Lan.

But before I could collect them into my bag of treasures, the Sun came out in all of his glory and took those magic pearls away. Darn... Now I am left with only memories and a few photographs...At least I can go out now. Oh rain, when will you come again?
Flower buds are emerging from the terminal stem whilst the lateral buds below are forming side-shoots.

The Kai Lan on the balcony are bolting now. This is probably due to the neglect and stress that they experience during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, when I wasn't really looking after them. Vegetarian Fair, but I didn't touch a leaf of those Kai Lan...I think I had more gluten and starch than vegetables for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.