Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where there's smoke...

On this bright Sunday morning, at around 9.30am, there was a thick plume of smoke coming from somewhere in the direction of KL that was visible from my balcony. That got the whole household up watching. There was also a helicopter circling around, though it was too far away to see any distinguishing markings on the helicopter. From the picture, the smoke plume appeared to stretch across KL over KL Tower and KLCC. The smoke died down in about an hour’s time. Where there's smoke, there's fire...Must remember to check tomorrow's papers to see if the fire is reported and find out where is the actual location of the fire.
Fire Jalan Peel KL 27 May 2012, kebakaran di Jalan Peel
Confucius says: Never start a fire just to attract a fireman, the relationship will go up in smoke. The plume of smoke that stretched across the KL city skyline.

UPDATE - The fire is at Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur and caused more than 100 people to be left homeless. A total of 29 squatter houses were destroyed in the fire. Not too sure if these squatters were part of the 49 squatters along Jalan Peel that were handed eviction notice late last year for the Klang Valley MRT project.