Sunday, December 25, 2011

A White...flowered Christmas

Here's one entry for the holiday season. We may not get a white Christmas here in Malaysia, but we can have a white flowered Christmas...well, not purely white, but with a touch of green. Wishing all my friends a joyous festive season and happy holidays.

Bishop's Crown Chilli (Capsicum baccatum) blooms
The bishop's crown chilli (C. baccatum). This is one with seven petals.
Another C. baccatum flower - five petals.

The Wind Orchid flower (Neofinetia falcata)
The wind orchid, N. falcata. Smells of jasmine and vanilla at night.

Lemon Basil
The only basil in flower on the balcony. This is to ensure that the seeds I get will not be of a hybrid with the sweet or thai basil.