Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇大帝) 2011 at Ampang (Day -2)

The stalls are up! Two days before the big day, the corrugated roofing sheds by the road leading to the temple are finally up. These will be used to house the large joss sticks as well as the stalls selling prayer paraphernalia and foodstuff. The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is as much an economic affair as it is a religious affair. The festival will take on a carnival like mood, with various foodstuff being sold to visitors or devotees coming to the temple.
Two days before the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, sheds to be used as stalls are already up (white arrows). The one beside the joss paper burner is to house large joss sticks offered to the deities (in case of rain - which usually occur during the period of this festival).

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