Friday, July 23, 2010

Coelogyne kaliana - The Kali Mountain (Gunung Ulu Kali) Coelogyne

Coelogyne kaliana is a beautiful orchid that was formally described by P.J. Cribb as a new Coelogyne orchid species in 1982 (P.J. Cribb 1982). He mentioned that this orchid is the most conspicuous orchid to be found in Genting Highlands. As a medium sized epiphytic herb, and found in numerous numbers around Gunung Ulu Kali (hence the name kaliana), it has white flowers that open simultaneously. The flowers however, are unpleasently scented and was described by the author as smelling like Castanea sativa flowers (Sweet chestnut). For those who have no idea what sweet chestnut bloom smells like, it is one of those plants that smell like...cum!!!
Coelogyne kaliana growing on misty montane trees in Gunung Ulu Kali
Montane trees with Coelogyne kaliana blooms

On one trip to Genting Highlands, I managed to get up close and personal with Coelogyne kaliana blooms., thanks to a friend. True enough, it smells like semen. So P.J. Cribb was being polite by saying that the orchid smelled like sweet chestnut flowers when he could have said it smelled like cum. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful orchid, and looked like ivory pendants hanging from the montane forest trees. Or perhaps I should say white cum-smelling flowers dangling in the air, hmmm? I have also seen C. kaliana growing on roadside juniper trees planted by Genting Resort.

Coelogyne kaliana flowers closeup
Coelogyne kaliana
Coelogyne kaliana on montane mossy forest
Clearer view of C. kaliana blooms on trees