Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ampang Nine Emperor Gods Festival Day 1 - 3

Day 1

The number of visitors started slow, with the car park rather empty at 5.40pm. However, as night falls, the number slowly builds up, with visitors coming and going till the early hours of the second day (Oct 6). We went for a look around and due to the lower number of visitors, it was a pleasant walk around the stalls.
The parking lot at around 5.40pm. There were still many vacant lots.
Burning money, joss money that is. This is the bottom part of the joss paper burner.
Help, help, my hair is on fire - dragon joss-sticks slowly being consumed by fire. The smoke creates a smoky curtain around the area.
There were not that many people on the first day, so browsing the stalls was more comfortable.

Day 2

Day 2 sees the invitation of the Finance Minister a.k.a. Tian Fu Yuan Shuai. Surprisingly, the energy of today was really upbeat and festive, and the number of lion dance troupes and even the crowd turnout was amazing. As busy as the performers and temple staff were that day, photographers too were busy clicking away.

Day 3
With the only major event being the Feeding of the Heavenly Army, the midday of Day 3 sees more of devotees wishing to participate in the ceremony. Past 7pm, the crowds started to come in in to enjoy the festive mood of the place.