Monday, February 23, 2015

My Litte Fig Trees

Here's an update on some of the figs that I am growing. They love the sun, and with ample water and fertiliser, their productivity is unbelievable. These are all green/yellow figs. Together with B110 that is also bearing fruit, I seemed to be having a green fig run this time around.
White Sicilian Fig - there are 13 developing synconia. They take about 3 months to ripen.
Another 6 on a side shoot.
2-3 more on a smaller, lower shoot
Above is a White Sicilian Fig that I have posted before in this post. With the end of the rainy season, the new growths are carrying 21 little figlets. This is just from a one year old fig 'tree' planted from cutting.

This is supposed to be LSU Gold, even though the source of the cutting isn't too sure. But the stalkless or 'necked' synconia reminiscent of Col de Dama figs and the rather flattened shape are characteristics of LSU Gold. I just have to wait for it to ripen.
This is somewhat 'necked', ie the fruit does not have a visible stalk - LSU Gold
Another view of the developing synconia.

Hopefully in about one and a half month's time, I get to start picking these figs, and before the birds get to them.