Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ampang is alive with the Nine Emperor Gods Festival

The festival is here, and with the invitation of the Nine Emperor Gods, the Nan Tian Gong Temple at Ampang is bustling with devotees and curious visitors. For the attraction here is not only the devoted, but also people looking for strange, new and hippest things around in the market.

This year, let me introduce two 'hot' vegetarian food items found at the Ampang Nine Emperor Gods temple fair to you:
  1. Pokeball ice-cream: With all the fuss about Pokemon Go, it isn't surprising that there were at least two stalls selling Pokeball ice-cream. Basically ice-cream in a Pokemon ball, with a cute little Pokemon inside, hehe.
  2. Mushroom buns: These shiitake mushroom lookalikes are actually buns with a cream of mushroom and cabbage filling. Priced at RM4 each, they are surprisingly delicious albeit a little pricey.

So if you are free over the weekend, do drop by and get ready to be hit by the Pokemon craze, try a mushroom or two (perhaps you will grow big or maybe small) and be swamped by the usual swarm of people, smoke and sounds of the festival this year.