Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2015 - First Day @ Ampang

The first day of the festival at Ampang Nan Tian Gong Nine Emperor Gods temple started off as a quite day immersed in prayers and offerings. However, the mood became very festive after 6pm, probably due to the next day being a public holiday in Malaysia for Awal Muharram. By 8pm, the crowds were surging in, the opera blaring away and incense smoke pouring through the vents and doors of the temple.

Devoted to her prayers... she is a picture of calm in the sea of moving devotees in the temple.

Then a heavy downpour came and somewhat slowed everything down. It was more of a gridlock scenario as devotees crammed into whatever sheltered space available to avoid the rain. The crowd then slowly thins out as the night passes.
Peace (ie safety) wherever you go... a LED sign hanging from one of the stalls outside the temple.
Reciting prayers to the Nine Emperor Gods.
Yes or no.... the lady was throwing divination blocks to obtain an answer from the Nine Emperor Gods.
Tortoise buns with lucky lottery number - a popular offering in this festival.
The atmosphere of the temple at 7pm was rather quiet, as can be seen from this shot.
The crowds came around 8pm... you could hardly move through the road without elbowing someone.
A costume's equivalent of a bad hair day - Chinese opera actors and actresses were performing on stage.
Reflections - after a heavy downpour. It didn't dampen the spirits of the visitors and they continued on despite the wet ground full of puddles.

The second day will probably be more festive and crowded as there will be a procession at 7pm to invite the Finance Minister, Tian Fu Yuan Shuai.