Friday, September 28, 2012

Pictures of Borobudur - Part 1

A short post on the Stupas and Buddhas of Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia. Borobudur is a huge 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist stupa complex, built during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty. The temple's Gupta architecture reflects the strong Indian influence on this region at that time.
Buddha inside stupa at Borobudur
I am a Buddha in a Stupa. Unlike a genie in a bottle, I do not grant three wishes even if you rub me down to dust. So do not damage the statue by attempting to rub it or grab it.  One of the few intact Buddha statues in a rhombic perforated stupa on the upper terrace.
Candi Borobudur, Borobudur stupas, perforated stupas
Perforated stupas on the upper terrace of Borobudur overlooking the plains below.
Bhumisparsa Mudra Buddha, Borobudur
Bhumisparsa mudra (Calling the Earth to witness) Buddha statue at the Rupadhatu niches.

Remember to bring your own umbrella or hat when you are visiting Borobudur. If not, be prepared to be mobbed by the peddlers who will try to make you buy a hat or an umbrella from them, and persistence IS their middle name. If you do not want one, a firm no thank you as you walk away would have to be repeated until you've cleared the area where peddlers are permitted to ply their trade.
Buddha of Borobudur
One of the many headless Buddhas. Don't lose your head or your cool when visiting Borobudur - Remember to bring a hat or an umbrella as the place gets quite a bit of sunlight during the day.