Saturday, November 17, 2012

Magic Pearls from Mother Nature

I wanted to go out and get a few things done, but Mother Nature decides to be a biatch and took the Sun away with her veil of dark clouds that soon poured over KL. When it appears that a perfect, sunny Saturday is ruined beyond redemption, I saw this on my Kai Lan leaves on the balcony...
Mother Nature's magic pearls - luscious black, gleaming white or crystal clear, you take your pick. But enjoy it soon, for it will be gone in a minute.

Lo and behold, Mother Nature had given me her magic pearls! Gleaming in the light, I was delighted to see her exquisite gift. Oh how beautiful they were. Magical they were, for the pearls appear to be change from crystal clear to luscious black and back again.
Beautiful but ephemeral - droplets of water on the leaves of my Kai Lan.

But before I could collect them into my bag of treasures, the Sun came out in all of his glory and took those magic pearls away. Darn... Now I am left with only memories and a few photographs...At least I can go out now. Oh rain, when will you come again?
Flower buds are emerging from the terminal stem whilst the lateral buds below are forming side-shoots.

The Kai Lan on the balcony are bolting now. This is probably due to the neglect and stress that they experience during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, when I wasn't really looking after them. Vegetarian Fair, but I didn't touch a leaf of those Kai Lan...I think I had more gluten and starch than vegetables for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.