Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Purple Sweet Potato Flowers

This is just a short post. As what Diana has mentioned, the purple sweet potato does go into a flowering frenzy. The flowers are very pretty, almost morning glory-like. Since the container is small and I probably won't have any chance of getting any sweet potatoes out of them, I just let them be and flower on. The leaves are palatable, and even those that felt like very tough or fibrous turns very soft and spinach-like when blanched in boiling water.
Purple sweet potato flowers trailing off the balcony. They do look like morning glory flowers.
Looking pretty hanging over the balcony. This was taken from the bedroom window.

The flowers only last for a day, and if it rains, the delicate petals will get damaged and basically clump together. There are no seed pods as sweet potatoes are known to be notoriously self-incompatible. I guess this can be counted as a vegetable cum flowering vine in the garden. If it does produce tubers at the end, that will be an added bonus. For the time being, it looks good, despite being a little messy running all over the place.