Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ampang Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2014

If you are looking for 2015's  Nine Emperor Gods Festival dates and blog entries, do click on this post "Coming Up... Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2015". Else do continue to view the timelapse video at the bottom of the post before heading on to this year's event. Cheers.

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is on again this time of the year. The festival starts in the eve of the ninth month of the Chinese calendar (23 Sept 2014) with the raising of the flagpole, followed by nine days of prayers, vegetarian diet and purification ceremonies.
The Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang before the start of the festivities.

This year, I am unable to cover the festival in Ampang due to travel plans. For those who are around, do go and have a look, especially on the evening of the eve where they invite the Nine Emperor Gods to the temple, and on the evening of the second day (25th Sept) where they invite the Finance minister to the temple. The usual list of events are as follows:

  • Eve of festival - 23 Sept 2014    -  Lantern pole raising and invitation of Nine Emperor Gods
  • Day 1 - 24 Sept 2014
  • Day 2 - 25 Sept 2014 - Invitation of Finance Minister
  • Day 3 - 26 Sept 2014
  • Day 4 - 27 Sept 2014
  • Day 5 - 28 Sept 2014
  • Day 6 - 29 Sept 2014
  • Day 7 - 30 Sept 2014
  • Day 8 - 1 Oct 2014     - Bridge crossing ceremony
  • Day 9 - 2 Oct 2014     - Fire walking ceremony

To read more about the festival and follow it, do visit Cheryl Hoffmann's site about the festival, where you can obtain a lot of information about the festival and enjoy her lovely photos. As a preview, here is a mash up of some timelapse that we did last year, which needs a lot of work done on it. To all my friends going to the festival, take lots of photos and enjoy!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Malaysian Orchid of the Day - Renanthera elongata

Renanthera elongata - Tree on Fire orchid

This is the same plant that I have blogged previously in this article. Currently it is growing well with three leads. Only the one that had overgrown the support tree has produced inflorescence.