Saturday, June 6, 2015

Royal Floria 2015

The Royal Floria Putrajaya is still on until the 7th of June 2015. So two more days for those who had not see this event before. This years theme of Tapestry of Hues with lilies as the thematic flower was definitely much better than last year's sad attempt on Begonias.

Besides the usual beds and beds of Liliums and Hippeastrum lilies, there is a the Spring and Winter Garden, which requires an additional RM3 to get in. However, the comments from visitors were mixed, with some severely criticizing the lame attempt whilst others praised it as an added attraction for Floria.

So for those who had no plans for this weekend, why not drop by and give Floria 2015 a look.


  1. Salam Bahagia Sean.

    Wondering if you have some time, boleh upload photo bot perhiasan tu tak? hehehe...kesian kids tengok dari jauh je cos the adults semua dah out of breath.
    Yang spring and winter garden kami tak masuk beratur panjang.

    1. Ooops sorry, dah lama tak update blog. Too many things backlog. Yup, the spring and winter garden had a long queue almost anytime that the place was open