Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Malaysian Orchid of the Day - Renanthera elongata

Renanthera elongata - Tree on Fire orchid

This is the same plant that I have blogged previously in this article. Currently it is growing well with three leads. Only the one that had overgrown the support tree has produced inflorescence.


  1. Cantik warna merahnya nampak unik.
    The leads has an unusual colour as well.

    1. Oh yes, they have reddish-purple spots on yellowish red stalks. Unfortunately the flowers are tiny but many

  2. Tiny flowers are very cute when they bloom heavily.
    Tengok Orkid ni teringat pula banyak orkid yang dah perlu kena division banyak jatuh dari pokok musim hujan ni. Too heavy. Tangan pula tak cukup nak sorting all those orchids lagi. Sigh...