Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lets go to Floria 2014 - Part 2

Here are a few more pics from Floria 2014 and Magic of the Night 2014. Remember that the two events are now at two distinct and separate location, and hence the need to move from one site to the other. For Floria, the site is hot and sunny, as mentioned in my previous post, so go armed with umbrellas and caps. Or come in the morning or later in the evening (hint - sunset is lovely).
Flower pinwheel spinning in the sun
Tag says Paphiopedilum curtisii.
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Memoria Helen Brown
Wedding bouquet arrangement
Indoor pavilion display.
Vanda lamellata x Vanda Muang Thong
Vanda Pat Delight x Vanda Guo Chia Long
Sunset at Putrajaya

You can also seek refuge in the air-conmditioned indoor pavilion and the school flower arrangement area (cooler air-conditioning).

For Magic of the Night, you can see the fireworks from Seri Gemilang Bridge or from the grandstand of the Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya. However, the floats will be quite a distance away. To see the floats up close, either go to the public viewing area for Magic of the Night or the areas marked with red arrows just down from the Marina Putrajaya. Fireworks are only on the 14th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of June.
The Magic of the Night is now at Marina Putrajaya, which is quite a distance away from the Floria site, and the floats DO NOT go past the Floria site.
Perbadanan Putrajaya
Johor and the tiger...
The float from Penang, styled after a dragon boat (and spouts water too).
This is taken from the green arrow area in the map. The fireworks are partly blocked by the Pullman Lakeside Hotel.
Fireworks from the public viewing area.

More photos to come....


  1. My first memory of floria...
    PANAS, PANAS, PANAS...drink a bottle of water each 30 minutes just to keep hydrated without any trip to the toilet the whole time there!
    My goodness June is one of the hottest month in Klang valley why do they have to pick that month.
    As you said better go earlier or else nothing to see outside all will be wilting.
    Went on Sunday, the 3rd day?
    Unfortunately tak dapat nak tengok the night float cos it was on other side and kesian the kids will be to worn out as the next day school starts.
    Nasib you ada ambil gambar float very nice.
    The kids would have enjoyed it.

    1. The fireworks also only on Sat and the last three days. So many ppl were disappointed. Yeah, the heat is terrible, had to keep drinking to keep hydrated

  2. Tengok gambar orchid contest show punya tempat tu teringat we all ambik teduh dekat situ kejap. Yes the orchid gambar no. 2 too did caught my attention.

    1. Tempat orkid tu pun panas jugak kan. They should have it air-conditioned as well