Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glimpse of 18th Shah Alam Orchid Festival (Festival Anggerik Shah Alam ke-18)

Hmmm, two orchid post in a day...this must be some subtle message from the universe hinting that I should grow more orchids.

Anyway back to the topic of the post - the 18th Shah Alam Orchid Festival is an orchid competition cum show cum sales event at the SACC Mall in Shah Alam, Selangor. This event is scheduled from the 9th Dec to the 11th Dec 2011. I went by there today (8th Dec) at 4pm and saw that the stalls selling orchids were already up and going, and naturally the judging for the plants entered for the competition was complete. So here's some 'preview' pics.
The competition plants at the SACC Mall Atrium.
Some of the Phalaenopsis hybrids on sale at the South entrance of SACC Mall.
Vanda Blue Boy.
Phalaenopsis bellina.

I counted only 3 orchid nursery (Lum Chin, Far East and another one) at the exhibition area. When I walked past the Far East Agriculture stall, I immediately spotted their Neofinetia falcata sample plant and I couldn't resist the temptation, thus ended up buying a Neofinetia falcata mounted on the slab. A large number of plants were already reserved by people. Looks like a lot of orchid lovers are also very kiasu (afraid of losing out). It pays to go to these shows a day early (even more kiasu attitude :-p).
The Neofinetia falcata that I bought at the orchid show.

So for those who are free over the weekend and love orchids, do go and have a peek at the orchids there. A word of caution, you might get bitten by the orchid bug.

Update: Below are some other pics taken at the festival (I am slow at going through them)
Ascocenda Fuchs Spotted Cat.
An old time favourite - Aranda Noorah Alsagoff 'Blue'.
This cross (Vanda lamellata x Ascocentrum miniatum) is a reciprocal cross of Ascocenda Chryse registered by Dr. C. P. Sideris ( U.S.A. ) 1951 using Ascocentrum miniatum x Vanda lamellata.
Cymbidium Sarah Jean 'Ice Cascade'.
Rhyncattleanthe Orange Nuggett (syn. Blc. Orange Nuggett). The plant was labeled as Cattleya Orange Nugget. Tsk, tsk, tsk...Malaysians are bad in keeping the names right for orchids.
The tag reads Renantanda Agnes Cheok.

If you are looking for the 2012 Shah Alam Orchid Festival (FASA 19), please click here.


  1. I respect people that grow orchids really well. I don't think I have enough patience for them;-).

  2. Some orchids are not too bad, others really need pampering. I always admire those plants that they enter into competitions. Like a fake plant, not a single blemish.

  3. I am perhaps a 'carrier' of the Orchid virus. I love orchids cannot grow them well, hence not an Orchid Whisperer!

    Good that you blog about this event. I have put your link in My Garden Directory related blog post, hope you don't mind. My link is as follows:

  4. No problem. Thanks for the link. I am already infected with the virus, hehehe. There is another ongoing Festival Bunga in Shah Alam (Persiaran Tasik) this weekend (16 - 18 Dec 2011). There are stalls selling orchids and various fruit trees. The roses were not impressive though. I just bought a Rhyncattleanthe Varut Feastful (syn. Potinara Varut Feastful).