Monday, December 5, 2011

The Almost Perfect Malaysian Storm

We were hit by a strange storm yesterday (4 Dec 2011) around 5.30pm. It was very windy and the clouds were thick, dark and looked ominous (I could almost hear Dies Irae from Mozart's Requiem being played in the background). However, we did not get much rain at our place as the winds very quickly blew the clouds away. The strong winds however, did ripped off a few pieces of metal roofing sheets from the workshops and old houses around the area.
Black clouds rolling in rolling past the city.
The strong winds blew it away...Not so lucky for those people where the clouds were headed to.

Apparently there were many places in KL where the strong winds toppled trees, ripped off roofing and signboards (read the Star: Freak Thunderstorm, plus Malaysians urged to brace for the worst, and also at Cari forum). This storm which caused flooding in some parts of KL/Selangor and resulted in massive traffic jams that lasted up to 9pm was described by some as a "mini hurricane"!


  1. It look like something came out from the movie. Ngeri tengok. Hopefully my parents house in Sungai Buloh will not be affected by flood. Because they had very bad one this year. Thank you for the address.

  2. Beautiful. I really like a good storm photo. I also like storms too, but as a home owner, you can't really enjoy them too much, as you always fear your roof will fly off! Nice blog posts!

  3. @Diana: Yeah, I was also 'shocked' when I saw the clouds and the wind flapping open the roofs of houses below. Nasib baik I tak pergi campus on Sunday (labwork tak habis buat, hehe). Hopefully your parent's place were not affected. Most welcomed and thanks for the seeds.

    @Keith: Thanks, glad you like it. True, I have had the experience of roof tiles being blown lose and water pouring down from the storm afterward - the feeling of helplessness and the futile attempts in trying to get stuff inside from getting wet.