Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Ahhh...more like those lazy hazy crazy days of burning peat swamp and Sumatran haze. The haze has been building up and seems to be getting worst in the past two weeks. What I particularly dislike about the haze is that it has a peculiar and somewhat acrid smell, and my poor nose and lungs have been protesting the whole day. In the past few weeks it was still alright where I am staying, though certain parts of the Klang Valley have been having bouts of hazy days. Today, even the air over here smells hazy. As an indication of how bad the haze is, just look at the comparison of the view taken from my balcony. A photo taken in March 2011 shows the skyline of with the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower clearly visible. Compared that with the one taken today (12 July 2011).

View of KL skyline from my balcony - 23 March 2011

The same view today, 12 July 2011. Hmmm, KL disappeared under the cover of the haze.

Like magic, KL appears to have been lifted off the face of the Earth. Hey, this is better than David Copperfield, who could only managed to make the Statue of Liberty disappear. This is like, I can make the whole of Kuala Lumpur disappear.

What?? You want me to bring KL back? Yes, I know that David Copperfield brought the Statue of Liberty back at the end of the show. Emmm, I seemed to have lost my powers, but not to worry, the 'magic' will wear off probably in a few days and you can have your KL back. Worst case scenario, you don't get KL for perhaps a month or so, I think.... :-p

On a lighter note, whilst taking photos of the hazy view of KL, I was 'attacked' by one of my plants....the killer peppermint. The prostrate Rosemary appears to be recoiling from its 'attack', and a pinnate-pinnatifid dahlia seedling getting smothered by it

Attack of the killer peppermint. Sending out its 'tentacles' to catch my UK size ten foot.

UPDATE: The haze has been somewhat lifted by the strong afternoon breeze, yipeee!!!
Tadaaa! KL skyline is back.

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