Friday, June 3, 2011

Arghhhh...Nooo!!! Welcome to the dark side...

Got to to Chrome. Not that I dislike Chrome (hell it is 100 times better than that whatchamacallit explorer browser thingy), but I feel that Firefox is good enough. And whenever I see friends having Chrome on their computer, I would always question their choice of using Chrome. Then it happened. I was converted to the other side...Chrome user. But, but I only use it for one and only one play Angry Birds on my computer, offline. thanks to Angry Birds, I am a Chrome user. Which brings us to the next question... There must be some serious S&M thingy going on with the creators of Angry Birds. Yeah like its just a normal game of seeking revenge on the green pigs who stole your eggs. How can it not be...kinky, when the joy of the game is to catapult the birds at breakneck speeds to smash, hit or explode in the faces of pigs that get crushed, blasted or shattered by bits and pieces of debris. Tsk tsk tsk...sounds more kinky than combining Monster Lady with Blond Ambition Tour virgin and the wacko King of Pop all rolled into one. The normal players, however derive pleasure just from getting all so many stars for all the stages, by beating their fingers numb. Hmm, perhaps this is the rise of S&M in the near future???

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